Home Extensions Hamilton

Clients have a choice to make once they discover that they want a property with more room. They can either look for a new home, or extend the one they already have. Each option has its own advantages, but we think that the best course of action is the latter alternative.


When a family chooses to get a new house, they’ll have to deal with all the problems that home hunters have to contend with. The housing market is always a gamble; there’s no telling what kind of repairs a new house will need. It’s also another few years of mortgage payments. There’s also the adjustments they need to make upon entering a new neighbourhood.


Why go through all that inconvenience when the master builders at Mike Bryant Building Ltd can give you the additional space you need through our home extension services? Keep enjoying the house that you’ve grown to love, and we’ll give you reasons to love it even more. We give clients the chance to turn the dreams they have for their houses into a reality, with as much professionalism and efficiency as we can muster.


Many clients are skeptical of how dramatic a change a home extension can actually give. A home extension service from the master builders of Mike Bryant Building Ltd is much more than simply adding another room to the house. It literally adds another dimension, permanently affecting how the occupants interact with the property.


Fortunately, for the residents of Hamilton, the home extension service we provide will only change the dynamics of the home for the better. Homeowners aren’t just getting another room; they’re adding a completely new experience.


If you think your family needs more space, stop looking through home catalogues. Pick up the phone and call us to get a quote from one of our experienced master builders. We’ll work closely with you during planning and construction to ensure that the result is everything you want it to be.